Effective Luxury Wellness Programs atop the Himalayas

Ancient Indian rituals meet modern techniques and programs with Ananda's signature wellness experiences. Offering breathtaking luxurious accommodation, this mountainside resort is committed to help you get results in a inspiring, stress-free sanctuary of calm.

The palace of Ananda

Located 170 miles north of India’s capital, New Delhi and easily accessible by rail and air, Ananda features a restored Viceroy’s Palace, world- class Spa, 75 deluxe rooms and suites and 3 villas. 

Choose your Ananda Signature Wellness Package

Unlike many wellness resorts that offer generic wellness, Ananda offers tailor-made programs created just for you, administered by their team of Ayurverdic, Yogic and international health experts.

  • Detox

Flush out toxins with Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, meditation and an organic body-specific diet. The Detox program is a four-phase program, and culminates in the recuperation phase including treatments like abhyanaga, chroonaswedana, reflexology, Aromatherapy and facials along with intense yogic relaxation.

  • Weight Management

Motivational and supportive, Ananda recognises the psychological elements of weight management, so offers inspiring meditation as well as weight loss strategies to help guests achieve their goals. Organic personalised meal plans, interval training, metabolic detoxification and a uniquely personalised plan helps you retain your results long after you've left Ananda.

  • Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate and boost your immunity with principles of traditional Ayurveda plus a body-type diet, luxury treatments and a unique yoga program. From 7 to 21-day programs, guests will enjoy improved vitality and mental and physical energy thanks to the cleansing and restorative powers of this program.

  • Yogic Detox

Elements of Asana (Haha yogic postures), pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), meditation and Yogic/Ayurvedic diets are incorporated to give profound experiences of vitality and harmony. This program helps establish a balanced state of mind, helps balance neural and physical systems, improve energy and promote thorough full-body cleansing.

  • Stress Management

This program helps to stabilise the psychosomatic system with a holistic approach through Ayurveda, Yoga, Tibetan and International Experiences along with Reiki Healing. Effective stress relief therapies like deep meditation and personalised fitness plans help you reap genuine benefits from this luxury palatial retreat.

  • Active Program

Embrace the breathtaking surrounds of the Himalayas with stunning mountain treks, energetic restorative yoga and spa treatments to keep you energised for your trek. You'll reap the benefits of a fitness program without feeling fatigued thanks to the resort professionals' careful planning of your own personalised active retreat.

  • Renew Program

Safe, effective anti-aging treatments without going under the knife, this program includes yoga, scrubs and effective Ayurvedic treatments to help your body renew from the inside out. Improved circulation, immunity and joint recovery are benefits of this carefully curated program.

  • Yoga Program

Hatha, Raja and Kriya yoga combine to create a beautifully simple and inspiring program to promote mental acuity, immunity, sleep and concentration. Enjoy sessions of Thai massage, reflexology and more as well as daily pranayama and Asana everyday with complimentary meditation and cleansing procedures. True expert yoga instruction is hard to find, but Ananda yoga experts are true professionals, eager to help those keen to embrace the practice no matter their yoga experience.

Discover the path to enlightenment with inspiring Vedanta talks

Vedanta presents the eternal principles of life and living. It equips us with the clarity of intellect to deal with the challenges of life leading us to the ultimate goal of Self-Realization. These lectures are designed to explain the practical application to the various facets of life.

You can use specially tailored Ananda Kurta Pyjamas during your stay for a completely relaxing, detoxifying experience.

Experience India with exciting Activities

For the more adventurous, Ananda offers several outdoor adventure options including trekking, white water rafting, nature walks, visiting the wild elephants of Rajaji National Park, and elephant photo safaris at nearby Chilla National Park.
Ananda’s six-hole, par-three course incorporates an independent driving range, perfect for private lessons. 

Wellness and Luxury high in the mountains

Wellness and luxury are synonymous with the private oasis that is Ananda Himalayas. Enjoy your own wellness retreat to enhance your wellness journey by choosing from Ananda's signature offerings. This resort wants you to find health and happiness in your own way, and the luxurious surrounds, stunning treatments, professional staff and breathtaking scenery will leave you empowered and rejuvenated, ready to return to your life with a renewed calm and clarity.