Benefits of daily meditation

For the last 2 months I have challenged myself to meditate EVERY DAMN DAY! 

I must admit, I did not begin meditating 2 months ago, however my practice fell away when I went through a big change and moved cities, changed jobs and began my own company. I started to feel out of touch and disconnected and I knew exactly what needed to change. 

The results from being diligent and creating space for this habit for has transformed my life in a very short amount of time. Suddenly I have time in my day. By making time, I created more time. My actions are more efficient, my mind is clear, I smile more. Days that used to fly by with distractions and hours wasted being unproductive have now disappeared. I am more mindful with the foods that I eat, the conversations that I have and the people that I spend my time with. 

There are some useful podcast and apps that can help you to learn how to meditate. I started with the "Breathe" app. This app is great one, because it free! It also helps you to track your progress daily, gives you an option to check in with yourself and even suggests meditations for you for that day. 

If you want to enroll in a subscription the Headspace app is truly wonderful. It walks you through step by step and truly encourages your success in learning how to meditate. It even sends you push notifications on your phone to remind you to set time aside each day. 

I also enjoy guided podcasts Hay House. There is a diverse selection of many different and well known speakers. 

I recommend guided meditation to start as it helps to train your mind on how to sit still and clear your head. By practicing daily you will soon not need to be guided with every meditation. You will grow and develop the skills to be able to clear your mind, be still and bask in the calm.