The magic of Thailand - Shiva Som

Welcome to Chiva Som. A decadent getaway that can bring your desires to reality. This week we learn more about what this fantastic facility can do for you or your group. If you have any further questions about this world class resort email Cait at

A secluded world of beauty and serenity, Chiva-Som translates to mean “Haven of Life.” This beachfront health resort represents tranquility at its best with luxurious accommodations nestled within seven acres of lush tropical gardens. Widely regarded as the Best Destination Spa in the World, Chiva-Som welcomes you with unique Thai hospitality.  Located in the Royal city of Hua Hin, the resort is less than three hours by car south of Bangkok.


Dedicated to revitalizing mind, body, and spirit for total well-being and vitality Chiva-Som offers extensive fitness, spa and holistic health facilities to help you relax, restore and rejuvenate.  Personalized programs and treatments are designed for everyone, blending Eastern philosophies with Western diagnostic skills.



Ocean View Room

58 stylish accommodations are situated wither overlooking the peaceful lake and lush tropical gardens, or the sea of the Gulf of Thailand


Chiva-Som rooms offer luxury and comfort with fittings and features providing a perfect balance between Thai architectural beauty and Western standards. Each room has satellite color TV, a DVD player and ceiling fans. Air conditioning is available for maximum temperature control and comfort, International Direct Dial telephones, bathrobes, hair dryers, refrigerators and room safes are standard in all rooms. All rooms at Chiva-Som also allow for personalization for you, the scent burned in oil burners in each room is individually chosen, the amenities in the bathroom are altered depending on your needs and the linen and pillows used within the bedroom can be changed depending on your preference.

Each bedroom has its own balcony overlooking the swimming pool, beach and the Gulf of Thailand. These rooms have a bathtub with shower included. Double beds are standard and they can be separated into two twin beds if requested.


Thai Pavilions

Thai Pavilions offer privacy with traditional charm and are set in landscaped gardens overlooking the resort’s lake or gardens. Grouped together, three Pavilions share a terrace and outdoor Sala sitting area. These rooms have a separate shower cubicle from the bathtub.


Herbal Suites

Located on the 4th floor of the central resort building, these suites provide a separate living room to bedroom area. Adjoining both the bedroom and living room is an outdoor terrace overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. All suites come with Butler Service throughout your stay.

Fragrance Suites

Located on the 3rd floor of the central resort building, these suites provide a separate living room to the bedroom area. Adjoining both the bedroom and living room is a larger outdoor terrace overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. All suites come with Butler Service throughout your stay.

Rainforest Suites

Located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the central resort building, these suites offer a separate living room to bedroom, a guest bathroom and separate shower to bathtub area. Included in these suites is a separate dressing and wardrobe area. These suites have an extended terrace overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. Butler Service is included throughout your stay.

Golden Bo Suite

Located on the ground floor of the central resort building, the suite includes a large living room, dining area and day area which all lead out to the swimming pool and the suite’s private outdoor terrace. This private terrace includes an outdoor shower, table and relaxing area all overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. The bedroom and furnishings are decorated with Thai silk. A guest bathroom is included with the suite plus a circular Jacuzzi in the main bathroom. There is a separate dressing and wardrobe area leading from the main bedroom giving guests ample space for personal items. Butler Service is provided throughout your stay.


Leelawadee Suite

Located in a secluded position on the ground floor of the central resort building, Leelawadee is Chiva-Som’s top suite. The suite offers a private entrance and includes a spacious living room and dining room with a separate kitchen to host private dining. The bedroom has an extensive walk in dressing and wardrobe area giving guests ample space for personal items. The main bathroom hosts a large circular Jacuzzi and there is an additional guest bathroom accessible from the living room.

The suite opens out into a large private garden and outdoor terrace overlooking the Gulf of Thailand where guests can enjoy private meditation and yoga sessions. Butler service is provided throughout your stay.


Chiva-Som’s award winning spa cuisine places great emphasis on a balanced diet, and although it is mostly detoxifying, fat-and salt-free, it is also plentiful and imaginative. Many of the ingredients are home grown in the resort’s organic garden and the Chef strives to prove that low calorie, nutritious food, can truly be a gourmet experience.  Three spa cuisine meals are included with your stay.




Guests enjoy Chiva-Som for an assortment of reasons; some for relaxation and rejuvenation, other for more specific goals such as detoxifying, improved fitness, weight loss or stress relief. Upon arrival you will enjoy a private health and wellness consultation with their holistic health experts. Discussing your overall health with an expert helps you determine what activities and treatments will be most beneficial for you during your stay.

You may already know what you wish to achieve once you arrive at Chiva-Som, in this case, one of the specialist retreats may be right for you such as;

  • Chiva-Som Experience Retreat
  • Fitness Retreat
  • Spa Pampering Retreat
  • Physical Renewal Retreat
  • De-Stress Retreat
  • Detox Retreat
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Weight Management Retreat
  • Holistic Health Retreat



Whether seeking to achieve overall fitness, stress reduction, weight loss, or simple relaxation, Chiva-Som provides all the facilities needed to attain your specific goals for improved vitality and healthier lifestyle. Modern facilities include outdoor “salas”, a bathing pavilion, a beachfront swimming pool, multi-level steam rooms, plunge pools, hydro pools, Watsu pool, a high tech air-conditioned gym and more. The medical and complementary therapies and facilities allow full attention to be given to the mind, body and spirit to help you achieve overall health and wellness.


Chiva-Som provides the ultimate exercise experience through innovation and education while maintaining the highest standards and safety by advocating the holistic approach. Options include aqua aerobics, water sports, gym workouts, Pilates, beach activities, yoga, tai chi and Thai boxing.

 Holistic Health

Holistic Health maintains a staff of doctors, nurses, naturopaths and therapists as well as specialist consultants, all of whom have a commitment to providing a holistic approach to your health needs. Specialists in Chinese medicine including acupuncture, chi nei tsang, herbal prescriptions, Ayurvedic medicine and other Eastern techniques are paralleled by physiotherapists, chiropractors, naturopaths and complementary medicine practitioners.  Other programs include meditation, mind-training and stress management.



Chiva-Som’s physiotherapists are experts at assessing limitation of movement, injuries and musculoskeletal imbalance, and recommending a proper treatment that is right for you.

Niranlada Medi Spa

At Niranlada, Chiva-Som’s specialist medi-spa, our US-trained cosmetic doctors are dedicated to enhancing the aesthetic virtue and confidence of both their male and female guests.

Spa at Chiva-Som

With 72 treatment rooms, and an extensive choice of massage, beauty and water treatments, the spa is for experiencing the ultimate in personal pampering.  Integration of mind, body and spirit is a fundamental part of their philosophy and the very foundation of our Spa treatments. Members of the Spa team are internationally qualified and have broad experience in traditional and advanced Spa therapies.

The team is constantly involved in training programs to enhance your experience, and to help educate you in any aspect of their Spa therapies so you can take the knowledge away with you and practice in your everyday life. They work closely with other Health & Wellness departments to ensure that your Spa experience will assist in achieving your goals during your stay. Their unique blend of traditional and advanced therapies in this tranquil environment is enhanced by the caring nature of our dedicated therapists, who will help you reach true balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Your journey into Spa begins in the Male or Female Water Therapy Suites. Enjoy cleansing and restorative heat treatments such as sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi or relaxation on one of their heated waterbeds as you sip mineral water or Lemongrass tea. The Spa attendants will guide you through the facilities of the Water Therapy

Suites and assist you in every possible way.

Using these facilities promotes wellness and prepares the body for the treatments ahead, whether a relaxing massage or an invigorating Hydrotherapy treatment.


About Hua Hin


Hua Hin a charming resort town with a sense of history, peace and beauty and has become a second home to the

Royal Family and His Majesty the King Bhumibo. Hua Hin Beach offers safe swimming most of the year with the sand gently sloping into the water. The backdrop of green hills, pineapple and rice fields make Hua Hin a beautiful place to stay and explore. In the mornings monks can be seen walking down the beach on their daily rounds, accepting food and donations from the locals.

There are several golf courses nearby and other attractions including Chopsticks Hill, about half an hour walk to the south of Chiva-Som. There is a large statue of the Buddha clinging to the cliffs, overlooking the sea, along with a sprawling temple on top of the hill. Once on top one can see the Hua Hin coast and Hua Hin downtown.

Phraya Nakorn Cave is found about 20 miles south of Chiva-Som. The cave is named after one of the Governors of Prachaub Khiri Khan who sheltered here for several days during the rainstorms. It is a spectacular cave which houses a beautiful pavilion inside, constructed at the command of King Rama V who visited the site around 1890.

Nam Tok Pa-La-U is a beautiful 15-tiered waterfall is in the middle of rich and fertile virgin forest, about 35 miles west of Hua Hin town center, literally right next to the Burmese border. The area is under the supervision of Kaeng Krachan National Park, and water cascades down the falls throughout the year

Maruekkhathayawan Palace is one of the oldest and most attractive royal palaces in Thailand, located 8 miles north of Chiva-Som. The palace was constructed at the command of King Rama VI in 1923 as his holiday residence. It was entirely made of teak and was fashioned in Thai-Victorian style. The palace is normally a very quiet place where one is free to wander through stopping to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and cool sea breezes.

Elephant Riding until the introduction of railways and automobiles, travel by elephant, especially in rural areas, was a safe, efficient and sensible method of transport, as well as having the ability to assist in agriculture and forestry. An elephant with passengers can travel over any terrain, however steep and treacherous. Today guests can experience the sensation of elephant riding at several locations near Hua Hin.