The Ranch 4.0 - Four days to transformation

As promised the Ranch at Live Oak / Malibu also offers a shorter program! Check out the wonderful facts below and for more information or questions feel free to reach out to Cait at Wild Wellness Travel.


R4.0 is a shortened version of the acclaimed Ranch at Live Oak / Malibu weeklong program. This is a luxury wellness and fitness retreat taking place at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village and California Health and Longevity Institute. R4.0 supports guests through intensive outdoor physical activity, exercise sessions and a structured nutritional diet of fresh organic vegetarian fare. This retreat allows guests to take a break from their hectic daily schedule and focus on their mind, body and spirit while they cleanse, detoxify and shed unwanted pounds.   R4.0 was designed as a jumpstart program for guests unable to take a week off and for those who need to stay more connected during their stay.

With a “no- options” philosophy, the highly effective program includes 8 hours of exercise daily, with challenging physical activities that prove rewarding and fun. A dedicated and experienced staff tends to your every need. While at R4.0, guest’s time will be spent in low impact constant activity, rather than short bursts of intense, injury- prone activity. Each morning, guests awaken at 5:30 a.m. for morning stretches, followed by a four- to five- hour group hike winding through the Santa Monica Mountain terrain. With 200- plus trails varying in levels of difficulty, guests are treated to varying hikes each day. After lunch, guests are delighted to nap before an active afternoon filled with core and ab work, weight training sessions, daily massage, and group yoga and stretching.

Through the California Health and Longevity Institute all guests participate in VO2 and Bod Pod testing to further educate themselves about their current baseline with regards to fitness level and body fat composition.


The Ranch’s highly knowledgeable staff supports and nurtures its guests, while guiding them toward achieving the personal program goals they each set upon arrival. The Ranch is all about stimulating mind and body through sustainable exercise which will enhance metabolism, cleanse and detoxify the body, allow for a healthy loss of fat, and offer a heightened sense of mental clarity and serenity. Guests desiring to lose weight, routinely shed some unwanted pounds and inches, emanating a vibrant, heal thy glow, and getting a dramatic head start on maintaining a path of heal thy living.


All guests have their own private room which includes a king bed, shower and bathtub at Four

Seasons Hotel Westlake Village. Guests have access to the award winning spa area during any downtime in the program where they can enjoy the sauna, steam room, meditation area and indoor and outdoor pool. We have removed the coffee makers and mini bars so that no one is tempted during their stay.


A 1,400- caloric daily diet consists of gourmet farm- to- table fare with French and American influences.

Flavorful and healthy, cuisine emphasizes fresh, organic ingredients designed to sustain and detoxify.  No alcohol, caffeine, or processed sugars are served, and special diets and food allergies are accommodated.

Dining at R4.0 is communal in our Ranch Greenhouse on property at Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake

Village. We offer a cooking demonstration on Monday mornings where guests interact with our chef and learn how to create some dishes at home.


The program begins Thursday at noon through Monday at 10:00AM and includes all meals; daily hikes; fitness classes; daily massage (Friday- Sunday) ; cooking demonstration and nutrition information; transportation as required throughout guests stay; and transportation from Westlake Village to LAX on Monday departing at 10 am and arriving at LAX by noon.

Ranch 4.0 is an all- inclusive rate, excluding gratuities, which are discretionary. A 30- day Pre- arrival  itinerary of exercise,  diet,  and wellness tasks is sent to guests and is recommended for the most effective results. The Ranch also  supports  and  accommodates  takeover  group  weeks  and  specially  tailored  corporate  retreats. Please email Cait at Wild Wellness Travel for more information on pricing and how to find yourself in this transformational program.


I’ve grown in so many areas in the past ten years but did not feel my body reflected my soul. I needed a breakthrough! The Ranch exceeded ALL my expectations. It did exactly what I wanted. They pushed my limits in a beautifully nurturing way. I learned so much and leave feeling aligned, supported, loved and with a new sense of purpose. Alex, Sue and the great staff have created something very special.

Mathew Upchurch –  Founder/CEO Virtuoso, Ltd.

It’s not just about the week one spends at The Ranch, it’s the effect it has when you leave. I have continued to lose weight WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL. It is almost as though it has changed my set- point. It’s like it resets your metabolism. I was so sure, having hit 50, that those few extra pounds were something I had to accept. Not so, not so at all. The joy at not feeling lumpy over

Christmas is a priceless one. Thank you again, guys.

C.S. – London, England

Just back from the incredible new Ranch at Live Oak “boot camp” in Malibu 10 pounds and 9 inches lighter! I started preparing 4 months ahead and in total have lost 30 pounds and almost 20 inches.  It is amazing! I need a whole new wardrobe.  The best part is that my body is still in burn mode and I am losing more weight. It is really incredible!!! This is perfect for anyone who wants to get in shape or spend a week focusing on themselves, challenging their limits and growing their physical and emotional fitness level.

J.E. – New York, New York

It has been over 6 months that I visited the Ranch, which changed my lifestyle and indeed gave me the techniques and discipline to keep my weight down. I have now lost 32 lbs and received all high marks at my recent annual physical exam. A million thanks and my regards to all.

C.C. – Hong Kong

Feeling fit and gaining traction for a fresh start is invaluable. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t need that. You have created an incredible place providing life- changes for people. Now I just need to book my next visit.

J.S. – Los Angeles, California

I am a Board Certified MD. Of note, as I mentioned, I think the pre and post numbers I had were

very enlightening.  Here are the highlights: Weight loss 8 lbs, Total Cholesterol from 202 to 173,

HDL’s jumped to 50 and LDL’s went from borderline high to normal, C Reactive Protein went to normal. This is actually relatively powerful since I had tried for about a year before the Ranch using a knowledgeable basis and trying things like Fish Oil, Oats, and other ways to naturally decrease my cholesterol.   The point here is that there is very likely some tangible empirical evidence that the Ranch, and maybe more importantly, a “Ranch- like lifestyle” could have real impact on areas like Cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension let alone longer term issues like cancer, aging, etc.

C.K. –  Chicago, Illinois

You have created a world class retreat, which I hope to visit regularly throughout my life to recalibrate my mind and body. It’s a tough program that challenged me each day and made me realize how strong I really am.

J.M. – Toronto, Canada