Veravia Luxury Health & Fitness Retreat

Innovative science-based programs meet luxury wellness

VeraVia in California is a world-class luxury health and fitness retreat that helps you implement lasting lifestyle changes to live a happier, healthier life. Elegantly perched atop a ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean, VerVia is hosted in the “AAA Five Diamond Rated” Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club, and Spa located in Carlsbad, California. From weight loss to spiritural healing and coroporate retreats, Veravia blends luxury and a breathtaking setting with science and evidence-based solutions for health and wellbeing to help you create lasting behavioural changes.

Why is VeraVia different?

This unique wellness and fitness retreat uses a multidisciplinary team approach, offering you the most holistic, accurate and innovative programs to enhance your wellbeing. They use a true team of experts to help you achieve your goals, offering:

  • Private, one-on-one training

  • Behavioural Counselling

  • A Medical Evaluation

  • Medical Labs

  • Farm to table, organic meals

  • Personal nutritional counselling

  • After-care coaching for lasting support

VeraVia’s Unique Program

This retreat knows your health and wellbeing needs to be addressed from multiple angles, so they integrate four vital aspects into your program: Fitness, Medical , Nutrition and Wellness.    


Luxury wellness travellers like you demand personalisation, and VeraVia does exactly that by creating a comprehensive, evidence-based fitness plan for each and every guest. This cutting edge approach means you get the most out of your exercise. Fitness includes everything from cardio conditioning to aquatic fitness, balance and neuromuscular training.



On arrival, you will undergo complete blood tests with medical interpretation, plus additional testing for weight, body composition, BMI, body measurements, aerobic tests, neuromuscular assessment, and muscle activation. In-house naturopathic doctors will then meet with you to review test results and outline an individual health plan.                 


At VeraVia, they want to help rejuvinate your spirit as well as your body, so they use a combination of individual sessions with lectures and workshops to help you learn about, and achieve renewal and balance. Rather than confusing sessions, VeraVia uses a psychologicla team and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectic Behavior Therapy to help revitalize and rejuvinate your mind from the inside out. They answer your questions, help clear your mind and help you find a smoother, natural path to your goals.     



Their nutritionist knows you want delicious food that makes you feel great! You’ll get a tailor-made meal program to help your body heal, and leave you feeling more energised for your daily fitness workouts. Your program will include three gourmet farm-to-table meals a day, plus nutritious shakes and snacks crafted from locally grown and organic food.


From the 3-night VeraVia Express to a 4 week stay, there's a VeraVia package to help you achieve lasting change. Learn more about VeraVia's packages here.


A stay at VeraVia will not just leave you feeling refreshed, energised and rejuvenated, it will teach you meaningful wellness strategies to implement in you daily life, and make a real, lasting change. By blending science with holistic therapies, VeraVia is an industry leader in fitness and wellness retreats.