10 reasons to take a wellness retreat!

By now you have heard about a yoga retreat, but what differentiates it from a "wellness" retreat? Wellness is much more a lifestyle than just practicing yoga. Wellness to us incorporates our 5 pillar philosophy fitness, nutrition, self-discovery, self-care and cultural involvement. By following these pillars participants are in the optimal space for lasting transformation. Here are the reasons that YOU should find yourself on a wellness retreat. 

1.   A retreat implies an extended time period, and like learning a new language, you can immerse yourself into a new way of living.

2.  It is a safe environment, away from your everyday life and the obligations, commitments and stressors that fence us in.

3.  It is an opportunity to focus on yourself and your own wellness center.

4.  The daily physical practice engages your body in new strengths and increases your comfort zone.

5.  The conversations you engage in with others in attendance enhances your enlightenment, a great word to express how a wellness practice can make you feel; lighter!

6.  Without the omnipresent technology to distract us, we sink further into our inner selves to find that peace and lightness.

7.  It will change your perspective.  Wellness's power to take you deeper into yourself gives you the insight to see a shift in your perceptions.

8.   A goal oriented program creates strong, new habits that are easier to maintain when you return to “life”.

9.   A new sense of community is created over sharing fabulous food!  Nutritional guidance and meals are a celebration and a learning experience!

10. The centering aspects of a wellness practice encourages us to be self-accepting, it is a joyful experience that allows us to grow substantially.

I think Max Planck said it all with this quote:  When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  Give yourself the gift of change.