Self-Care: Habits for Wellbeing

Self-Care: Habits for Wellbeing

Self-care is a fundamental pillar of the Wild Wellness Travel philosophy, and an essential component of health & wellness. Without care for one’s self, there is nothing left to offer others.

What is self-care exactly? If you’re new to the practice, you might think self-care is the lesser-known Care Bear from the popular 80s cartoon. We’d tune in for that! However, self-care is actually a learned, purposeful and continuous practice - with the goal of preventing stress and ailments, while nurturing your spirit.

Every self-care practice is unique to the individual. That’s the beautiful thing! You can design your own version according to what fills your cup.

Meditation, mindful eating, adequate rest, positive thoughts & affirmations, physical movement (yoga! yoga! yoga!), personal grooming, interaction & integration with nature, and an element of play – these are some of the self-care components that we strive for.

While we recognize the importance of everyday practice, we wholeheartedly believe that taking time to fully envelope yourself in wellness is critical to reboot and rebalance. This complete immersion is what inspires us when designing each and every retreat.

We carefully select celebrated instructors and practitioners to guide you on your journey of care and cultivation of self in a comprehensive sense – with exclusive opportunities to work one-on-one.

Our unique five pillar formula is unparalleled in the luxury wellness community, providing our guests with exclusive insights that will support your everyday practice.

We invite you to join us on a journey to greatness.

Other people will sacrifice health for material goals. But it all catches up to you one day and health is the priceless commodity that cannot be begged, borrowed, bought or traded. Your life and health are a statement of your self-worth.

~ Kino MacGregor

Let's celebrate Global Wellness Day Everyday

I bet that if you’re like me when you think of wellness and what you need to do to be “well” you think, “I need to eat better” followed by “I need to go the gym” followed by massive feelings of guilt because you are doing neither of those things.


As the 3rd Annual Global Wellness Day (June 11) approaches I started to think what does wellness really mean?

I think when we think wellness, our mind immediately goes to the physical, and I mean the superficial physical. It’s all about being thin if you’re a woman, or buff if you’re a man. Sure we want to be healthy and free of disease, but most of us are more concerned about how we’re going to look at the beach this summer. If we look great in our suit, we must be well. Right?



Wellness is about so much more than how we look. In fact, wellness is so much more than the physical. I can be a size four and able to run a 10K and to the outside world, I am the poster child for wellness, but if I’m a stress ball, sleep four hours a night, rely on coffee to power through my day and am dealing with a turbulent marriage, am I really well?

Hmmm, maybe I’m not as healthy as I think.

I realized that there is a difference between looking good and being well, and also a difference between fitness and wellness.

Looking good, being fit, eating well and feeling centeredand balanced are all components that make up wellness. To be well, you need to have them all. Ugh, now it’s about even more than just getting my butt to the gym and choosing a salad with light dressing for lunch!

Because wellness is composed of so many things, it’s hard to find only at a gym, or only at a spa, that is why a wellness retreat is so beneficial.


At a wellness retreat, like those offered by my company Wild Wellness Travel and our partner Retreats Unlimited, programming is offered to address all the different aspects of wellness. There are yoga classes that work the body while calming the mind, fitness classes and hiking to get your heart rate up and torch calories, meditations to bring balance, spa treatments to soothe sore muscles and healthy food to fuel your body and your moods. While Wild Wellness Travel retreats are usually focused on a theme, they all offer elements for every component of wellness. And most importantly, they provide tools for you to take home so you can continue the wellness journey.


As we celebrate Global Wellness Day, I invite you to think about what wellness really is and if you’re as well as you want to be. And if you want to use Global Wellness Day as the day you commit to becoming well, I invite you to check out the special early booking discounts Wild Wellness Travel and Retreats Unlimited has on all of their retreats.

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Balancing Act

Life is about balance. That old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, has true merit in today’s world.  It often seems as if the world is spinning by and we are just trying to hang on!  Somehow, we have come to see ourselves as super-people.  We have to be good at everything; from our families to our careers, our social life, our fitness – all of it.  If we don’t at excel at something, it feels as if we are falling behind. 

According to a new Pew Research Center study, more than half of working parents find it hard to balance work and family, and women are struggling more than men.  As we are usually the mainstay of the home, it falls on us to create meal plans, organize the social events, schedule the comings and goings of all family members, etc. When do we find the time four ourselves?

It isn’t just carving out an hour several times a day to go to the gym; it is the time it takes to make meal plans, organize a pantry, shop, and create healthy recipes that every family member will enjoy.  I get exhausted just thinking about it!  Today’s mother is a super-hero!

This is where I come in! The search for that balance has been one of the many reasons that clients come to me.  They are looking for help in creating balance in their lives.  How do you find the time to research all the variables in creating a healthy life path? You don’t have to; I have already done it for you. With some guidance and support, you can create balance in your world, feel less stressed, and enjoy the ride you’ve embarked on!  Check out the programs we have available for you at  We can’t wait to get started!




How to feel brighter and more energised this winter

Getting the winter blues is just one side effect of the colder months. Heavy layers and heating dries out your skin, extreme temperatures and dehydration causes headaches, heavy food clogs up your digestion and a lack of sunshine and fresh food depletes your energy leaving you feeling stifled and heavy.

Instead of waiting it out and wishing for summertime, there are ways to feel fresh and energised to help you enjoy yourself this winter. One of these ways is an effective seven day detox.


Eating for energy

You know you get your energy from the food you eat, but in winter we often crave heavy, carb-loaded meals with low nutrition content. Eating these meals leave you feeling guilty, heavy and carrying around extra pounds as the winter draws to a close. It’s not all about weight though, your body absorbs toxins when you eat crappy food, which can develop into illness and even affect the growth of your cells.


This winter, optimise your energy with the Wild Wellness Travel 7-Day Winter Detox Program . You’ll discover winter salads don’t have to leave your stomach rumbling, you’ll enjoy nutrition-heavy smoothie recipes and you’ll help your body cleanse without absorbing toxins from processed, stodgy food.

Recipes make winter cooking simples

It’s hard to find healthy winter comfort foods, so the Winter Detox Program does all the work for you by providing nutritious recipes.

The Nourish Recipe Guide Includes the Following:

  • 3 Elixirs
  • 11 Smoothie Recipes
  • 9 Juice Recipes
  • 9 Nourishing Entrees
  • 8 Medicinal Soup Recipes
  • 9 Entree Winter Salads
  • 2 Dressings
  • 4 Dips
  • 10 Nourishing Snacks
  • 8 Desserts

Detoxing is easy

The Nourish, Balance and Thrive Detox program makes winter wellness easy and enjoyable. With recipes, nutritional guides, shopping lists and an introduction to supplements, your body will thank you for it in the long and short term.

7 Days makes a huge difference

You can help your body cleanse while resetting your health and digestion all in just seven days. Just one week can really mean a lot to your health, and just seven days will leave you with:

  • Shiny Hair + Glowing Skin
  • Reduced cravings
  • More Energy
  • No mood swings
  • Let go of old patterns
  • Cleansed all the unwanted toxins
  • Reset your metabolism
  • Lost unwanted weight

Sound good? Feel brighter and more energised this winter by booking your one-week detox now!