Yoga at Tulum Re:Align Retreat with Maria Filippone

Wild Wellness Travel is very excited to welcome Maria Filippone to the team presenting at our upcoming Tulum retreat, May 21-28th.  Maria has a multi-disciplinary training and her teaching spans over twenty years and has taken her around the globe, shaping her gifts into a synergistic blend of Vinyasa yoga, Pilates, Thai masssage, and Sanskrit chant.


Her classes have been described as a journey where time slows down, where music and breath carry the mind and body into an experience of deep alignment. Maria invites her students to be curious about their practice, and to find the courage to move beyond limitations; her meticulous hands-on adjustments and precise verbal cues invite students to access the grace, ease and power that lies within. Maria's appreciation and love for all of her teachers, her students, community and her beautiful daughter's, expands her heart and grounds her as a teacher.

Maria believes that wellness Vacations allow us to unplug, de-stress & recharge our bodies and minds.  Taking time from our busy schedules at home allows for us to focus on our own well-being while being inspired by the beauty and sound of the surrounding nature.   For Maria, wellness vacations are meaningful experiences with long-lasting positive effects as well as guiding us to simply make better lifestyle choices upon our return home.   

With seven days of retreat at Tulum we have the opportunity to focus our practice and truly benefit from a life-changing event.  We will be focusing on detoxification and re-energizing.  Maria has shared with us five of her top poses for detox and energy.



“To promote detoxification one must first establish healthy breathing patterns (Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing). Yogic Breathing helps to clear out the carbon dioxide from the lung tissue.  The abdominal organs are massaged with every cycle of breath when the diaphragm is moving freely and naturally.   The practice of keeping the mind focused on deep breathing, rather than on the constant chatter of the mind, results in a natural detox of the mind.  You can start your detox with these powerful postures:

1)  Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svansana) - A partial inversion where the head is below the heart. This aids in circulation of blood and lymph. 

2)  Chair Pose with Twist (Parivrtta Utkatasana) - Squeezing & toning the abdominal organs while stimulating liver, spleen & the systems of digestion and elimination. 

3)  Legs Up The Wall (Viparita Karani) - Encourages stimulation of blood and lymph from the feet and legs and is soothing to the nervous system. 

4)  Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) - An inversion posture that helps drain accumulated fluid from the legs & upper body. 

5)  Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana) - Improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system by reducing the strain on the heart.  Promotes internal heat while increasing the digestive fire.  Headstands also help to increase the functioning of the endocrine system; pineal and pituitary glands. 



To enhance your flow of energy, practice these five poses:


 1)  Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) - A wonderful way to awaken the body and encourage the smooth powerful flow of Prana throughout the body.  

2)  Camel Pose (Ustransana) - A heart opening posture that stretches open the front side of the body and encourages the lung to expand. 

3)  Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana 2) - Leg strengthening & invigorating posture that awakens the Warrior within. 

4)  Side Plank (Vasisthasana) - A whole body strengthening pose that requires tremendous focus of the mind reducing mental stress and increasing our energy levels. 

5)  Chair Pose or Thunderbolt Pose (Utkatasana) - Also known as “Powerful Pose“ engaging the large muscles of the legs and glutes creating fresh new energy in the body while also awakening the spine.”


Join us in Tulum at the Shambala Petite Hotel for an life-changing retreat with our amazing instructor, Maria Fillippone, May 21-28th.  For more information, check out this link 





Balancing Act

Life is about balance. That old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, has true merit in today’s world.  It often seems as if the world is spinning by and we are just trying to hang on!  Somehow, we have come to see ourselves as super-people.  We have to be good at everything; from our families to our careers, our social life, our fitness – all of it.  If we don’t at excel at something, it feels as if we are falling behind. 

According to a new Pew Research Center study, more than half of working parents find it hard to balance work and family, and women are struggling more than men.  As we are usually the mainstay of the home, it falls on us to create meal plans, organize the social events, schedule the comings and goings of all family members, etc. When do we find the time four ourselves?

It isn’t just carving out an hour several times a day to go to the gym; it is the time it takes to make meal plans, organize a pantry, shop, and create healthy recipes that every family member will enjoy.  I get exhausted just thinking about it!  Today’s mother is a super-hero!

This is where I come in! The search for that balance has been one of the many reasons that clients come to me.  They are looking for help in creating balance in their lives.  How do you find the time to research all the variables in creating a healthy life path? You don’t have to; I have already done it for you. With some guidance and support, you can create balance in your world, feel less stressed, and enjoy the ride you’ve embarked on!  Check out the programs we have available for you at  We can’t wait to get started!




The Lasting Benefits of attending a wellness retreat

You’re tired, have no energy and you move through the paces of everyday life with only brief sparks of enjoyment. It doesn’t have to be this way. We get so caught up in the pressures of Western society: earning money, buying new things and looking good that we forget to consider exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. A wellness retreat can help you rediscover who you are, and give you the tools to become who you want to be.

1. Rejuvenation and Re-empowerment

You know the satisfaction you get when you remove the lint and fluff from your dryer? It’s almost like you can hear and feel the dryer working better the next time you switch it on. A wellness retreat removes the lint from your mind. Healthy food, fresh air, conscious exercise and mindfulness practice all help your body and mind recharge and re-engage for weeks after your retreat has finished.

2. Rediscover the fun of exercise

You don’t have to dread the trip to the gym, and a wellness retreat can help you rediscover what you love about working-out by introducing you to new ideas. From yoga to running, walking and dancing, wellness retreats offer you a movement therapy option to energise you in a fun, captivating way. Aerobic fitness is one of the most powerful tools to fight depression, and the newest wellness retreats are now integrating power yoga and fitness into their schedules.

3. Achieve true relaxation and peace

Juggling work, kids, commitments and expectations leave people running on empty, made worse by their inability to find individual solace in their own homes. A wellness retreat provides a sanctuary of real peace, where your mind can be truly quiet, and you can experience deep relaxation. Whether you soak in a hot pool, indulge in a massage or simply sit outside in the wilderness, you’ll finally find the peace you didn’t know you needed at a wellness retreat. 

4. Unplug to make better decisions

Did you know the addictiveness of digital stimulation leads to poor decision-making? Somehow, we allow ourselves to devote so much time to our phones and computers, important decisions receive less attention than they deserve. Mindfulness is exactly the opposite; it’s the act of dedicating conscious time and effort to your actions so you make good decisions. By unplugging at a wellness retreat, plus practicing mindfulness through meditation and yoga, your decision making skills are enhanced in both the short-term, and the few days after your retreat.

Far from airy fairy hippie ideas, wellness retreats now use evidence-based and holistic therapies to ensure you get real results from your trip. From just one day, to a long-lasting retreat, each and every wellness retreat will give you the mental and physical boost you didn’t know you desperately needed.

One-day Wellness Retreat to enhance your energy for Fall - October 3rd

Come and join us for a fun day of pure relaxation where you'll learn handy skills to help you become your happiest, healthiest self.

On October 3rd, we’re hosting an empowering one-day retreat full of yoga, nourishing foods and enlightening workshops at Sleeping Dog Farm on Vancouver Island. The perfect way to get your wellness fix, this special day is a journey into your mind and body where you’ll have the opportunity to learn handy skills to help you feel lighter, brighter and ready to take on the world.

Entrance to the Sanctuary  

Entrance to the Sanctuary  

Throughout the day you’ll learn detox and yoga tips from leading wellness experts. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or it’s your favourite way to unwind, you’ll love learning from passionate yoga instructor Maria Fillipone. She’ll teach you how to slow your breath and still your mind during calming flow Asanas, plus engage your core thanks to her impressive Pilates background.

Maria Filippone Yoga

Maria Filippone Yoga

After a healthy, cleansing lunch, you’ll learn life-changing tips about detoxing your body to optimise your energy levels. Cait Fraser’s Nourish, Balance, Thrive workshop will empower you to make smarter food choices to enhance your energy levels and help you absorb more nutrients from your food. After the workshop, you’ll enjoy a 30 minute individual consultation with Cait where all your nutritional and detox questions will be answered.


Starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm, your day is filled with exciting and enlightening experiences:

  • Juice upon arrival
  • 90 minute flow class
  • Cleansing lunch
  • Detox workshop - Nourish, Balance, Thrive
  • Yoga workshop - Posture mechanics of basic foundational flow asanas

What you also receive:

  • 11 day step-by-step guide on How to Detox for Energy valued at ($120)
  • Unlimited email access to Cait during your detox
  • 30 minute free coaching session after completion of your detox valued at ($50)

October 3rd doesn’t have to be just another day - it can be the day you make the choice to live a healthier, energised life. Come with us and learn how to optimise your mind & body with a fun group of people in a stunning location. Spots are selling out fast, so contact Wild Wellness Travel today to secure your place.

Plus! You'll love sipping on a 100% organic cold-pressed juice by Jusu Juice Bar when you arrive at 10am. These yummy juices are the perfect way to kick-start your detox.