Welcome to Wild Wellness

A company that has been curated by years of discovering my own personal path in health, wellness, travel, business and beyond. This is where your new mindset, confidence and personal well-being begin.


Learn to develop your own practice of daily ritual that allows creativity to flow, promotes a full night sleep, manifests your dreams, nourishes your body and puts you in the right vibe to attract your best life.

Dreaming of leading your own retreats but aren’t sure where to start? This mentorship will empower you to take the leap to travel the world, design experiences and inspire others.

I travel the world seeking out the BEST wellness experiences around the globe to stay current on the latest wellness experiences. Bring the wellness traveler to your property!



“I knew that I wanted to host wellness retreats for women, and I knew that I’d be great at it—but I had absolutely no idea where to start in terms of making my dreams into a viable business. Luckily, Cait knew exactly where to start and how to help me start making my dreams a reality”

LT - Ivy Indigo Retreats


Wild Wellness Travel is a passion project of Founder, Cait Fraser. Inspired by countless years of traveling the world while seeking holistic activations, Cait seeks to curate experiences with an ideal mixture of travel and wellness. Wild Wellness Travel offers holistic life experiences, from coaching to travel and everywhere in between. Cait will guide you on your path to optimal wellness through carefully curated knowledge and experiences.