See what our happy clients are saying...

“I absolutely love Cait! She embodies a spirit of intense generosity - focused deeply on providing authentic unmatched experiences. Whether she is developing programming, creating a retreat, offering coaching session, or hosting an event she gives deeply to the people in her world. There are no words to explain how happy I am that I was given the the opportunity to work with her. She consistently provides a new sense of freedom and is an inspiration!”

— Sarah Ann Stewart - Holistically Slim
The wellness journey that you designed for me to travel in India was beyond my wildest dreams.
It allowed me to find the space that I have been searching for in my life and has given me the transformation that I need to be the best person that I can be in my everyday life.

From myself and those close to me this adventure has shifted my life in positive ways across the board. THANK YOU!

— Natalie Bridge, 2016
I am so grateful to have had the experience of taking part in one of your retreats.
To treat myself to a day of wellness including yoga, and delicious, nutritious food was exactly what I needed to feel renewed and revived.
I can often get caught up and bogged down with stress, and forget how necessary it is to take care of our health and wellness. So thank you for providing me with the opportunity to make it happen!
Also, I am very impressed with the detox plan and the recipes (especially the tahini and the chia seed pudding-yum), and how accessible this cleanse actually is.
I can’t wait to take part in the next retreats you offer!!

Much love,

Kim Krumenaker
— VIctoria BC Retreat 2016
The Nourish, Balance, Thrive retreat at Sleeping Dog Farm was my very first retreat. I didn’t go in with much expectation but boy did it exceed them!
Both Cait and Maria made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment I entered and continued to until the very end. It was very informative and I gained a plethora of knowledge from both of these amazing women. I would go on these retreats every weekend if I could!! I can’t wait for more!

Morgan F
— Sleeping Dog Farm 2015
I just want to thank you for such a great retreat. It was such a treat for me to have some special time with my mom. Treating ourselves with such great people and fabulous food! I have come home and been using a lot of the recipes and am looking forward to starting the detox (after Thanksgiving lol) and joining a yoga class once a week. I really appreciate all the work that went into organizing such a beautiful event and I thank you for that. I came away form the workshops recognizing that I really need to take time for myself more often without the distractions of kids, house etc.

Amy C
— Vancouver Island Wellness Retreat - October 2016
Working with Wild Wellness Travel has shaped my life and I will continute to travel for wellness for the rest of my life.

I didn’t realise that this kind of travel would impact my life in such a profound way. I was very hesitant at first but Cait put my mind at ease and walked me through the many different options to begin my wellness journey. She even put me in touch with incredible wellness coaches and teachers so that I could continue my path to wellness once I returned home.

My time spent in Bali with her guidance was everything I needed and more. I am digitally dependant, as most of us are, over worked, and stressed out. This trip allowed me the time that I needed to chill the “F” out! It has taught me the tools of stress reduction, self-care and being mindful in my everyday life.

I am hooked! My next wellness trip?... Nicaragua!
— Amanda Linn, Bali 2016